Life Force Energy Mastery™

An Online Temple Space With Deeya Siddhi

Awaken to Self Nature with an Unwinding of Nurture

Welcome to the online Temple space of Deeya Siddhi. A place where you can receive Vedic Soma Healing™ ~ the culmination of Deeya Siddhi’s lifetime of Soma Healing and Soma Teaching.

A place where you can Be, guided by Deeya Siddhi’s unique combination of decades of knowledge, experience and exploration in Life Force Energy …received directly from the tutorship of an Ancient Lineage of Masters, Spiritual texts and Esoteric Mystery Schools… who now guide her to share the Power and Impact of Life Force Energy Mastery™ with YOU.

Soma Healing


(One to One & Group) Experience the benefit of Soma Healing Sessions.

Soma Healing


(One to One & Group) Deepen in understanding with Instruction in Vedic Soma Healing™.

Soma Healing


Exclusive Retreats with Teacher Deeya Siddhi. Immerse in Soma Healing & Soma Teachings.

What is Vedic Soma Healing?

Vedic Soma Healing is derived from the Rig Veda (c.3000 BC), when Worship was of the formless essence of God and the Gods were Nature itself, the elements. At the root of Vedic Soma Healing you will discover a foundation of Melting and Unraveling into deep and profound Harmony, which Nurtures the experience of authentic Awakening ~ as guided by Deeya Siddhi’s Presence, Insight and Compassion.

“From Heaven with Reverence,
We invoke the Divine Healer,
Who is radiant and dazzling.”

Rig Veda 1:114:5


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