Vedic Soma Healing™

With Deeya Siddhi


Restoration of the Realization of Our Wholeness, of SatChitAnanda

Denoted ‘The Light of Attainment,’ Deeya Siddhi is a Master of the Life Force Energy field, respected Spiritual Teacher, and Retreat leader.

As Worldwide-Authorized Mentor and Meditation Facilitator of the Implosive Self-Inquiry Protocol (ISIP™) and the Advaita Soma Kriyashakti (ASK™) teachings, she has evolved a speciality in invoking deep, enriching Healing through the infinite inner oasis that is SomaAnd so a formulation, a recipe, a program for Vedic Soma Healing and its Instruction has now been borne, from the guidance of Kriya Yoga and Advaita Vedanta Master Rajivji Kapur.

Students and initiates who feel the Call to begin or deepen their own Life Force Energy Masteryare invited to learn more about Soma Healing Offerings.

The Power of Soma 

“The Rig Veda, the world’s oldest religious scripture, speaks throughout of a mystical substance called Soma that liberates and uplifts man to the heights of Godhood. This “secret” substance has been a mystery for centuries, but only because few have understood its esoteric significance – Soma is not a drug, drink or external substance – it is an internal nectar that continually flows within all, offering access to unconditioned joy and freedom.”

Rajivji Kapur 

“Agnim samudra-vāsasam”

“This fire wears the ocean as a robe” – Rig Veda VIII.102.6

Serving With Friends

Richard Gordon & Alain Herriott 

Founders of Quantum-Touch™ and The Wonder Method™

Deeya Siddhi has been serving with her friends, the Founders Richard Gordon and Alain Herriott of Quantum-Touch and The Wonder Method as an Advanced-Level Instructor for 18 years so far, as well as with a vast array of other therapeutically dynamic modalities in Energy Medicine and the Advancement of Consciousness. Deeya Siddhi has also been Kindling Heart’s since 2013 via KindleMyHeart’sFlame, where she brings a wealth and breadth of heritage and expertise to the world.

Deeya Siddhi is…
‘…a beacon of calm in a stormy sea.’

~ W, Europe

You can read more about Deeya Siddhi’s Bio and Lineage Here.

“O Soma, You purify everything.
You are the best source of enlightenment.”
RIG VEDA 9:108:3


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